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We pursue a personal consulting approach and place high demands on us. We make the same demands on you. Regardless of your level of education, you should have demonstrated that you have knowledge and interest in employment law and that you have achieved far above average results in your legal education, which should be proven by predicate examinations. We also welcome a promotion.


An activity in our office is possible in every career or education level. One prerequisite is always the same: you have to enjoy working on the highest professional level and, in addition to your know-how, you also want to contribute your personality. If you are a lawyer with professional experience, this talent should have already been shown in your previous mandate work.
In addition to lawyers, employment as a research assistant is possible.


For this you should have passed the first state examination successfully and have already gained some experience in employment law.


We are currently looking for


Lawyers with and without professional experience

Legal clerks and scientific staff


Please direct your application to We look forward to receiving your application and to getting to know you.