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We are driven by your success.

For us it is important that you reach your goal. And not for what reasons you could not achieve it.

The law firm

Our goal is to provide solutions and put your plans into action. We achieve this goal by using a high level of legal know-how, experience and professional as well as sector-specific specialization to solve complex challenges without losing sight of a realistic and operationally convertible implementation. Together with you, we develop a strategy that translates your goals into action. The basis for this is a close cooperation with you and personal contact. This is the only way to guarantee that we will find tailor-made solutions.

Consulting is a matter of trust and requires precisely this immediate exchange and our implementation experience. We are therefore convinced that we can offer optimal advice on all issues pertaining to employment law, in particular industrial property law and collective bargaining issues. In these areas, we have been actively involved in consulting for many years prior to the formation of our law firm. We have accompanied every form of operational restructuring, from individual operational separation to major international projects.


We take our consulting approach into our cooperation. We believe that a consultant should only cover topics in which he has know-how that creates added value. For this reason, we limit ourselves to labor law and issues of operational restructuring. In all other areas of law, we cooperate with leading law firms, both nationally and internationally. Only if everyone contributes what he does best, the overall result can be optimal. When calling in cooperation partners, you will also receive advice from a single source. We take on the entire coordination and communication around your project as needed. You get a homogeneous overall result.

Everyone should contribute what they do best. We rigorously follow this strategy , restricting ourselves to the area of law we best master, where we have been advising on mandates of all sizes for years, in which we publish scientifically and successfully conduct legal proceedings. In all other areas of law we also offer you legal advice to which we make the same demands as on ourselves. This applies in particular to practical realization of legal approaches. We work together with excellent specialists in the respective fields of law and thus offer you legal advice from one source.

In this we see the advantage that we can offer you the cooperation partners who are the most suitable for your specific task. In the same way, we act internationally: We have been working successfully with law firms from almost all parts of the world for many years and can thus also work on and solve international issues. Here, too, the principle of cooperation helps us not having to resort to the lawyers who are closest to the task locally or linguistically, but to be able to accessthe best professionals in the legal area and in the respective country.


In this way, we can offer you a good and professional solution to any legal problem almost anywhere on earth.

We support you wherever you need us

We are a Cologne law firm and feel comfortable here. But our thinking and doing goes far beyond that. We work wherever you need us. Flexibility and a high level of availability on site are our requirements in order to optimally implement legal solutions.

Our fields of activity

Collective labor law

  • Collective labor law
  • Employee participation
  • Negotiation and tactics
  • Mediation and settlement points

Tariff law

  • Negotiation of company agreements
  • Negotiation of restructuring collective agreements
  • Design of reference clauses
  • Accompaniment of tariff changes
  • Organization of company alliances

Operational restructuring

  • Operational changes
  • Company mergers and splits
  • Change of form
  • Design of business structures

Voluntary programs and early retirement schemes

  • Design of personnel concepts without redundancies
  • Negotiation of volunteer programs
  • Consulting solutions for employees in individual cases

Profiling and transfer companies

  • Negotiation with works councils
  • Preparation and accompaniment of consultations with the Employment Agency
  • Setting up a transfer company
  • Preparation and preparation of mass redundancy displays

M & A

  • Implementation of employment law due diligence
  • Creation of holistic personnel concepts
  • Design of HR clauses and guarantees in company purchase contracts
  • Harmonization of working conditions (post-merger)

Transfer of business

  • Advice on the creation or avoidance of a transfer of business
  • Creation of information letters
  • Integration concepts after an operational transition

Digital labor law

  • Homeoffice and mobile work
  • Co-determination at work 4.0
  • Digitization agreements

Foreign workforce

  • Development of compliance and warning systems for the deployment of external personnel
  • Avoidance of bogus self-employment and creation of freelance employee contracts
  • Advice on search measures

Employee privacy

  • Advice on compliance with the requirements of the GDPR
  • Design of data protection agreements
  • Employee data protection in the Group

Individual labor law

  • Assertion and defense against claims
  • Protection against dismissal
  • Litigation
  • Contracts

Insolvency labor law

  • Restructuring and restructuring in bankruptcy
  • Restructuring according to acquirer concept
  • Labor law support for insolvency-related M & A processes


  • Design of supply systems in operation
  • Occupational pensions for the sale and acquisition of companies
  • Replacement of pension systems

Compliance & Whistleblowing

  • Relevance analyzes for companies and supervisory boards
  • Consulting and implementation of secret protection systems
  • Compliance systems and control, ombud functions

Board members and managing directors

  • Contract design and remuneration systems
  • Liability of managing directors and boards
  • D & O procedure
  • Litigation

Labor criminal law

  • Advice and execution of internal investigations
  • Advice on searches of prosecutors and customs
  • Design of Ethics Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Separation processes

  • Creation of separation concepts
  • Conversation preparation and implementation
  • Litigation


  • Posting and ExPat contracts
  • Advising clients abroad
  • Cross-border restructuring

Supervisory board

  • Accompaniment of Supervisory Board elections
  • Formation of the Statute of Company Codetermination
  • Liability of the supervisory board
  • Appropriateness of Management Board remuneration

Practical implementation

  • Process design
  • Document management and creation
  • Interim management (possibly after mediation)
  • Legal-Tech Solutions